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What is u.sit?

u.sit is a company that offers systems for bars and restaurants, focused on the improvement of the eating out experience. Our waitlist module, for example, allows the management of the establishment's waiting list through a tablet, laptop or desktop, so it can track the waiting time e send notifications by SMS to the customer when his table is ready. We replace, intelligently pagers, electronic displays, paper and pen.


Can I send SMSs from my mobile carrier

or from the simcard on my tablet?

No, that is not legal. All corporate SMS must be sent through special routes approved by mobile carriers and are sent by official numbers usully 3 to 6 digits long. Corporate SMSs sent through regular or international phone numbers are considered pirate and violate your contract with your mobile carrier. For more information check Vivo's site or SMS Pirata's site. Don't be fooled, chose official SMS sent by u.sit.


Do I need an active mobile account

the send the system's SMSs?

No. As mentioned on the previous answer all SMSs sent by u.sit are dispatched through our own gateway that, in Brazil, uses special routes approved with the mobile carriers and are sent from a corporate, 3 to 6 digit Short Number.


Do I need to use a tablet or iPad?

No, u.sit's system works on any computer, desktop, laptop or tablet and all it requires is a modern web browser and Internet access. We recommend the use of a tablet due to the mobility it gives the hostess.


Can I use any model of tablet?

Yes, our system can be used on any tablet that has a browser and Internet access. Simpler tablets, with less resources can have lower battery duration, worse screen resolution and even slowness in cases of very large waitlists, but are supported.


Is there some kind of system installation?

Do I need to download an app?

No, the system works entirely on the computer or tablet's web browser, you just need to access the url provided by u.sit and type your login and password.


Does the system work on any browser?

u.sit's system follows international web development standards and thus works on the most recent version of most browsers. Some web browsers don't implement web standarts adequately and can present problems. Our system has already been successfully tested on the most recent version of Safari, Firefox and Chrome.


The customer needs to install an app to follow his position on the queue?

No. When the customer joins the waitlist we send him a confirmation SMS with a link. If he has a smartphone with Internet access he can follow, through a mobile website his position in real time. Besides that, he can also remotely cancel his position on the same site. All of that without having to download and install any app.


Do I need Internet access to use the system?

Yes, the usage of the system requires Internet access because all SMSs are sent from u.sit's gateway server and the usage information is update on u.sit's cloud through the Internet.


Is reservation a different system?

The waitlist and reservation modules are on the same interface and can be accessed easily. They both use the same logic for sending SMSs and have to be managed by a user from the restaurant.


Can the customer add his name to the waitlist remotely?

Currently we do not offer this option because on our tests this led to some difficulties on the restaurant's operation, besides increasing significantly the cancelation rate. We are constantly looking for efficient ways of offering additional functionalities and this possibility is certainly on our radar.


Can the customer use u.sit's interface to directly make a reservation on the restaurant?

No, only the restaurant has access to our interface, so reservations must be added by the restaurant staff. This way we guarantee more flexibility for the restaurant to manage, filter and organize his reservations the way he is used to, but with all of u.sit's added benefits such as SMS notifications, analytics and CRM.


What if the customer does not have a mobile phone?

We allow customers to be included on the waitlist without a phone number, however he will have to wait like on the traditional method, near the restaurant to be called by the hostess and won't be able to follow his position in real time.


How can the customer cancel a reservation or waitlist position?

He can cancel remotely through at link that is sent to him on the confirmation SMS. If he does not have a smartphone he will need to call the restaurant to cancel.


Do you offer pagers for restaurants?

What about electronic displays?

No, u.sit offers something much better, we replace the pager, buzzer and display with a modern solution with better cost/benefit for the restaurant and greater convenience to your customer.

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